Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First RE Appointment down...

How many more to go? ;)

Today was my very first meeting with our Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility doctor)!!! As Josh (DH) and I made the 45 minute drive to Mobile, AL, I was SO NERVOUS! We arrived at The Center for Reproductive Medicine, signed in, and waited for the nurse to call my name. Let me just make it known that I hate waiting. I despise it. I LOATHE it! I won't lie, I'm an extremely impatient person. (Not a good trait to have while being infertile!) 

I feel as though God had to have been with us in that waiting room. As I felt myself starting to get frustrated because it was now 10:03 and my appointment was scheduled for 10:00, something in my head said "Hold up! You're original appointment here was supposed to be November 15th. A whole month away! You should feel lucky that this worked out; that someone cancelled so YOU could be seen sooner!" Just as I "shh'd" the impatient voices in my head, the nurse called us back. 

I had an opinion about the doctor before we even met him. I figured he would be just the same as any other doctor. I thought he would just talk a bunch of "medical terms" leaving us utterly confused and send us on our way. 

Boy was I wrong! He, in detail, explained how PCOS affects women. He let us know all of our treatment options. He even spoke directly to Josh so he understood what was going on. 

Here are the details of what's going to happen from here:
-In 2 weeks, I will be scheduled for a hysteroscopy (to remove my 18mm thick uterine lining) and a laparoscopy (to inject dye into my uterus and Fallopian tubes to make site everything is clear.)
-After the surgery, I will be placed on 150 mg of clomid. 
-I am also going to try and work on getting my health in tip top shape! I have always been a bit overweight. With PCOS it's very hard for women to lose weight. I plan on drastically changing my diet and adding in some exercise. I told my husband that I would rather make a few lifestyle tweaks, than have to take pills for the rest of my life. 

If I ovulate on my own by making these changes then we will go from there. If that doesn't work..I will take femara, then injectables, and so on. 

Oh, they also did some blood work. 
A beta (???), and prolactin test. I'm not quite sure why they did a beta. Just to check I guess? XxfingerscrossedxX 

I'm extremely excited and hopeful for our future. I don't feel confused or frustrated like I have been the last few months, and I believe the power of prayer and support from our family and friends have helped me with that. So I THANK YOU! :) 

I know God has already made our perfect rainbow baby. We are just fighting everyday for that precious miracle to be in our arms! 

I refuse to give up! 

<3 Melanie

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

My far.

Imagine being told, (at 21 years old and newly married) that you will never have a child without the help of science. That it will take prescription meds, countless hours of crying, and possibly some extreme procedures just for you to have a baby. 

This is my life. I was diagnosed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with about a year after I got married in May of 2010. I stopped taking BC the month we got married, and after a year of no periods and no baby, I knew something was wrong. I went to my OB/GYN to get checked. She did blood tests and confirmed that I had PCOS, and it was going to take some work to get pregnant. 

And here we are, 3 1/2 years later, still with no baby. And I'm not going to lie, it sucks pretty bad. 

I've always had irregular periods. And when I say "irregular," I mean I can go months without having one, and then *BAM* I'll have one for 8 weeks straight. It's so hard not knowing what's going on with your own body. The unknown aspect of infertility scares the living crap out of me. 

I always have a billion and 1 questions running through my mind...

"Why isn't my body responding to the medication?" "Why can't I have a normal reproductive system?" "Will I ever experience the feeling of my own baby kicking the hell out of me?" "How come every drunken 17 year old can get pregnant by accident, but I can't get pregnant on purpose?" etc...

Infertility is a disease that hurts me more than anything in this world, but I believe I was put on this Earth to be a Mama. So even if it takes pills, surgeries, timed intercourse (sexy, huh?), tests, mood swings, and lots of $$$$$$$, I WILL be a mother! I have no doubt in my mind that God will bless us beyond measure with a baby of our own. 

Until then, I will document every test, mood swing, and procedure to share with others going through the exact same thing as me. I know I'm not alone, and we will get through this together!


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